Sep 25, 2015
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As you might have noticed we’re no longer coming to you from, as our host went belly up and kind of stole our domain in the process (naughty) – but we have a new host in Fans Planet and a new url. Still the same content!

Goodness gracious, I was sick and missed a great news bite! According to RawStory, Misha trolled Presidential hopeful Donald Trump with a fake Linkedin profile (that is sadly now gone) and let The Donald know about his handy work on Twitter:

How much do you love this man?

Jun 18, 2015
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Misha surpassed his Shatterproof goal and did their Rappel Challenge on the 15th of this month, some photos of the event:

May 30, 2015
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Some lovely photos of Misha at VegasCon 2015 back in March, all credit to Elsiecat, who has a fantastic collection of amazing Con pics you should check out!

March 15, 2015 – VegasCon

May 14, 2015
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The gallery has been updated with over 80 HD logo-less screencaptures from Supernatural 6×22, ‘The Prisoner’:

22 . The Prisoner ( May 13, 2015 ) – Screencaptures

22 . The Prisoner ( May 13, 2015 ) – Stills

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Yeah, I definitely do miss that dynamic. I have loved doing the intimate scenes with Dean or Jensen over the years the most. There’s something about that dynamic that just seems to work really well. And I’m sorry to see that go. And, I don’t know, part of me feels like it could have been given a little bit more juice. I don’t know that it got its just desserts.

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